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Nikolay Blokhin's art style is a revival of the many styles and spirit of a classic and traditional academic art school inspired directly by the greatest geniuses of visual art. 


Inspired by people, music, nature, and random moments, Blokhin’s technique is unlimited, his mastery constantly growing in ability and understanding, and his approach makes his paintings stand out. Blokhin paints abstract as a background composition and brings it back to realism in select areas such as the face and hands.

However, his compositions, especially anything other than the center of interest, are generally abstract. Masterful with color and a palette knife, Blokhin uses whatever he could, including layers of paint, streams of varnish, his hands, and random pieces of fabric to achieve the effect he was seeking. 

clown 2.jpeg

2002 – Awarded Grand Prize in the American Society of Portrait Artists (ASOPA) At The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

2004 – Awarded Best of Show in International Portrait Competition of the Portrait Society of America, Boston, USA


Nikolay Blokhin’s most Recent Art Works

Blokhin embodies the prestigious tradition of intensive training that was perfected by the greatest academic masters. He solidified his foundational drawing and painting skills in his own genuine and neoclassical style.


"He used a large fan brush and a single stroke to create the hair down the sides of the model’s face. Much of the facial skin tones were also created with very large brushes. Each stroke of the brush created something that still exists as originally placed on the canvas."

Selected Articles

"Blokhin epitomizes the prestigious tradition of intensive training that was perfected by Russia’s academic masters more than a century ago. A native of Saint Petersburg, he excelled at his district’s art school and headed to the 'Repin Institute,'..."

Nikolai Blokhin has his own unique drawing style. His drawings are very dynamic, full of complex rhythm lines and beautifully rendered. All of his artworks are made with passion and virtuosity. The gamut of lines and marks are very broad – from delicate thin lines, when a drawing tool gently touches the surface, to thick and bold expressive marks done with pressure and confidence.

Contemporary Russian Realistic Art

Review by Vladimir London

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